Process heat

GoGaS has many years of experience in the field of thermal process plants and offers broad services ranging from project planning and construction right up to the manufacture and maintenance of drying plants and heat engineering systems. Depending on the task, GoGaS supplies convection drying systems, combined radiation convection dryers or infrared dryers for industries such as paper, textile, steel, aluminum, plastics, ceramics and fine foods. The entire infrared wavelength range, which is used industrially, can be covered with various burner types: porous burners, metal fiber burners, metal fleece burners, ceramic burners and catalytic burners. The energy carrier gas ensures the operator with minimal energy costs during operation. An individually tailor-made solution is offered for every customer-specific requirement. Special experience is in the paper industry. Another application technology are railcar-defrosting systems with gas-infrared radiators. Today, GoGaS is world market leader in this field.